Poetry for the Newly Single Forty Something

Split into three parts, this poetry collection explores being trapped inside an unhappy marriage in part one.  Part two follows 'the escape' and part three celebrates freedom.  The poetry aims to find its place in the heart of the many who can identify with both being trapped and starting again.


Here's a recent review from a male perspective - thanks to Colin Kilner

I found your first collection impressive and moving.  You convey powerfully, the feelings of entrapment, helplessness and despite these downsides, the attachment you still felt in your relationship. 

Then, the realisation that a better life might be possible and having the courage and determination to make it happen were well experienced.  I liked the analogy of the process to the life cycle of a butterfly and also the variety of forms in the verses.

 I hope it does well and I’m looking forward to your next collection.  

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