NaPoWriMo (Early Bird Activity)

So, I’m going to have another go at National Poetry Writing Month (Write 30 poems in 30 days)  This will be my third year at attempting this – last year I got to day 16 and in 2016, I got to day 8 so I am expecting better things of myself this time.  Here is my ‘early bird’ offering – the prompt is to write a ‘riddle’ in the form of a love letter to an object.

Hello you,

I’m missing you already, it was a wrench to leave

the oasis of calm that with you, I receive.

I find myself in a warm, calm place,

I can be ‘me’ in what’s become ‘our’ space.

Without you, I’ll admit, I can’t go a day,

peaceful and protected with you, I’d stay.

You can’t be replaced – you’re one of a kind,

another like you, I’d never find.

You’re always there to mop up my tears,

and hold me when I can’t let go of my fears.

With you I can love, create and have fun

and you’re always there when the day is done.

I don’t have to share – you’re mine alone,

offering the familiar scent of home.

The thought of replacement fills me with dread,

my sanctuary – my comfortable bed.

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