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Writerly Witterings  - Blog Series

This is my brand new blog series ‘Writerly Witterings,’ which I am writing to help other writers.  This will be done through charting the progress of my new novel, which I intend to have completed the first draft of within six months.

Some writers find undertaking a larger project such as a novel, tricky.  This weekly interaction will increase accountability and decrease the feelings of isolation we writers often have. Each week will build on the week before and the first few weeks will focus on planning.

I will be using the structure advocated by my course ‘Write a Novel in Six Months,’ and hope to provide value to other writers by giving hints, tips and advice about what is working for me along the way … we can all learn something new.

This blog isn’t just for novelists, but for all writers.  Because I also offer courses that deal with short story, life story and poetry as well, some of what I say will apply to you if you write in those other forms.

I will share a new blog post every Monday afternoon and invite you to add your own comments, questions and progress each week.  I will then follow up with a Facebook live event every Saturday at 5pm, where you can also interact with me.  Click here to connect with me on Facebook.

I’m proud to be part of the writing community and am always excited by opportunities for us to support and champion each other.  Keep in touch and let me support and champion you!

Space to Write – Important or not?

Week one of ‘writerly witterings' will look at the theme of ‘Space to Write.’  This aspect is twofold and considers not only our physical space, but also our mental space.

Physical Space

I am lucky enough to be able to write anywhere.  When my sons were small, this could be in the middle of an indoor soft play area or at the edge of the park with one eye on child and one eye on my writing!

space to write
my space to write

One of my writing course participants finds her space by parking up in picturesque spots for an hour, another finds his in a local pub and whether he positions himself inside or outside, there’s usually a wealth of interesting characters.

Can you carve yourself a space to write at home?  Perhaps, like me, you are fortunate enough to have a spare room for the purpose, although admittedly, mine has become a bit ‘officey,’ and perhaps  needs features like an inspirational painting and some muse music or candles.  You might be able to overlook your garden instead of neighbouring houses.  If not, perhaps you can ‘bring the outside in’ with a plant or some flowers.

Maybe a corner of your home can be turned into your sacred writing space.  Somewhere you can associate with your writing and keep your books, notes and computer.  I would say a desk, a shelf, a picture and a fabulous idea, or at least the desire to generate one, are the minimum requirements.  We’ll come to that soon!

Anywhere can become your writing space really.  I enjoy writing at my kitchen table (although that is a little too close to the biscuit tin!) and when the weather is good, I love writing in the garden, surrounded by breeze and birdsong.)

Mental Space

This is just as vital to find as physical space.  Often our minds are too cluttered to be creative the moment we sit down.  I find doing a warm up exercise helpful.  This can be ‘free writing,’ or using a sentence starter or writing prompt.  There are lots on line or you can contact me and I will send you a few.

space to write
space to write in the garden

Connecting with our physical space can also create a good mind set, so writing ‘rituals’ such as lighting a candle, viewing an inspirational picture or listening to a piece of music can get us in the zone.  Or just pausing to breathe deeply and closing our eyes can switch us from bustling everyday people into our writing selves.

So, what I would like you to take from this week’s blog post, is that if you don’t make the space, you won’t write your book or complete your other writing projects.

This Week

If you are settling down to a new writing project, as I am, with my new novel, perhaps you could use this week to jot down some notes of what you would like to do.  What idea is burning at you?  What respace to writesearch might you need to do?  Can you use your life experiences to enhance your ideas?  It can also be useful to consider what you like as a reader beforehand.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the content of this blog post.  It would be great to know about your writing space and what works for you, both physically and mentally to create this.

space to write
space to write - open to all writers

Do you want to book some designated writing space.  Leeds Trinity University are offering four ‘Space to Write’ days and still have places available.  10:00am to 4:00pm should provide you with lots of opportunity to make progress in your current project and I will be on hand to help and advise.  Places are just £15 per day and the dates are 19th Jan, 9th Feb, 9th March and 6th April (Saturdays)  Click here to book. 

Next Week – Time to Write ...

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