Why Do You Want To Write A Book?

Hi all, so this is a blog post on the reasons we might want to write a book and get it published.  I’ve talked to some of my students about this and there’s often several reasons.   Here’s a few of them.

  1. To leave something of yourself behind.  One day you won’t be here anymore.  But your book always will be!
  2. To be creative. Writing a book is one of the most creative things you can do.  To create something out of nothing is wonderful.
  3. Personal achievement. Lots of people say they want to write a novel or a poetry book.  But not everyone ever gets on with it.
  4. As writers, we are so lucky to be able to ‘get it all out of ourselves.’  Writing is amazing the
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  6. To set the record straight. Maybe something has happened and you want to tell your side of things.
  7. For fame. Nowadays, in this age of social media, to write a novel, if it’s a good one will ensure a certain amount of fame amongst your readers.  Nobody usually chooses to write poetry for money, usually people choose to write a poetry book for the catharsis and freedom of voice.
  8. And lastly, for fortune of course. Writing a very, very good book can make you rich!

So whether it’s a poetry book or a full length novel you would like to write, I would like to know what your main reason is.  Perhaps I’ve missed something on this list.  Write  your reasons in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Why Do You Want To Write A Book?”

  1. Ooh I love this! I want to write a book because I want to add to the conversation around personal development, leadership and being yourself. I’m excited about what I have to say and a book will help me reach lots of people.

  2. We had a fantastic English teacher at school who set one lesson a week for book writing. I finished that year with a super cringeworthy novel but I loved the process of writing it. I’d like to think that I’ll know enough about a subject one day to write it down and publish.

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